Fashion design

Designer | Pattern-maker | Seamstress | Illustrator | Stylist | Jewelry & Accessory 

Fashion Photography

The following photo shoots I conceptualized and styled, and executed as part of a complete photo shoot team. Featuring garments I have designed, sourced, patterned, and sewn. 

Series I Photographer- Andy Bonura

Series II Photographer- Lola Littenberg


Design with YOU in mind

I am a Colorado native who believes in a life abounding with fashion, art and adventure. I believe in beauty in simplicity, good fit, and quality construction techniques. To bring a concept to life, I start with research, forecasting, fashion illustrations, thoughtful fabric selection, and—pockets—yes, functioning pockets, wherever possible. With this much passion behind the clothing- the wearer is sure to feel it.

Resume upon request




Amanda Portner